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Econo Jet Box Series for Pick 34


Book 1 - PDF


A Pick 3 Single-State Pair Finding Lottery Strategy for Use in Non-Computerized, Mechanical Ball Drawings


Wednesday Sun for Pick 3 Lottery Pairs..Based on Wednesday's Evening Draw or Sunday's Evening Draw, You Get 3 Single Pairs or 3 Double Pairs to Focus On

Whether You Choose to Focus on Single Pairs or Double Pairs to Get Your Wins Using this Exclusive 999 "Modified Root Sums" Method is Up to You!

[Sample States Included: California / North Carolina / South Carolina]


As the name implies -- WEDNESDAY'S-SUN -- this strategy uses Wednesday evening's draws and Sunday evening's drawing combination in the Pick 3 to determine upcoming pairs for our plays.


We use Wednesday evening's drawing to predict pairs for Thursday through Sunday, and Sunday evening's drawing to predict upcoming pairs for Monday through Thursday.

With this newly SBIP999 discovered pair-finding method, you essentially will only be doing a calculation on two days of the week, instead of all 7 days, resulting in reduced time in finding your winning pairs for your single state lottery games.


This method identifies three "single" digit pairs to focus on from Monday thru Thursday / and from Thursday thru Sunday, respectively. Or you can choose to focus on 3 "double" pairs to look for in your drawings throughout the week.


This lottery pair finding system becomes an excellent "double" pair predictor in the states that it is successful in.


Do you have any testimonials?


Hey this baby is so hot, you would have to be running fast to catch a testimonial. This strategy is literally 4 days old, but we wanted to get it to you as quickly as possible so you can see just how powerful it can be.


Still, we do have some states that we posted predictions (publicly) from using this method. You can check it out:


Visit NC's Results here...or here

Visit CA's Results here...

Visit SC Results here...

Visit IL Comments here...

Wednesday's Sun--Beta Testers Edition


Hey, we are excited about this new pair finding strategy, to say the least, and you would be crazy not to grab it before the link expires.


We're getting it ready for book publication (softcover) but would like to have some feedback before moving forward. Once we have it, and you will love it...guaranteed or your money back...we will decide upon a "proper" price for this awesome single and double pair finding book.


But there is a word of caution. If you have never dealt with root sums before, not to worry. We will show you how to calculate a root sum, but only so you will know how to use the 999 modified root sum method which will allow you to find your pairs effortlessly.


The only thing you will need to know how to do is how to read two simple charts to find your pairs based on Wednesday night and Sunday night's drawing in your mechanical ball drawing state.

That's about as hard as it gets.


Most of the 28 pages--yes, you do have to know how to read--are spent giving you examples of the method in action, with hit after hit after hit in the three states we highlight.


But this method is based on sound lottery number theory and so it should work in any non computerized drawing state as all our 999 Book of Numbers do.


"This Baby is Ready to Pop..."


Listen, SBIP999 is on a roll this year and you need to join the avalanche or you will be left behind.


"This pairs book changes everything," SBIP999 said. "How could it be so easy to find three double pairs to focus on in the Pick 3 games. It just blows my mind. This one is a keeper."


But you don't have to take her word for it.

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But for this price, on such a powerful pair finding concept, we will need to get some feedback from you on how the system is working in your state from backtesting and paper plays. If you promise to let us know what you think about the method when backtested in your state...then we will consider you a "Beta Tester".


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