Introduction to

999 Econo-Jet Box Series

for Pick 34


An SBIP999 Creation


The lottery methods included in our Econo-Jet  Box Series seek to give players simple, but useable strategies in the Pick 3 and Cash 4 games, which can be implemented immediately.  


But perhaps the best part is that the methods/workouts presented are generally priced at or below $10 bucks, and that's where the "Econo" comes in. Because 2014 is a "7" year, we want most of these publications priced at or below $7.77 as an introductory price for 999 newsletter subscribers and customers. Prices for printed editions may be higher, especially if it is printed in full color.


The "Jet" part of our series name implies our commitment to propel your Pick 34 mastery of the game to the next level with every new book placed in the series. 


By learning the strategies presented in these series, it is hoped that you will become familiar with at least one new number law that you had not considered before, or at a minimum learn a new way to use the law even if you have encountered it before.  


In other words, it is a round-about way to introduce the reader to SBIP999's unique approach to winning the Pick 34 lottery games.  


This series -- introduced in 2014 for the first time -- is currently a "piece meal" approach, but it is the best we can offer for now. It attempts to satisfy those who want a lottery mastery course, but we have chosen to offer it in "bite-sized" morsels for easy digestion. And though a video or audio course would be our preferred method of presentation, this is a good way to at least piece the information together and get it on paper as a prelude to putting it in a Pick 34 Lottery Course. 


We remind our old and new customers/readers that all 999 Book of Numbers lottery strategies and systems are for use in non-computerized, mechanical ball states. We are aware that certain computerized drawing states fall prey to our systems more often than others, so you are asked to always backtest our strategies and/or to play on paper before laying down any cold hard cash before you have assessed the probability of earning a profit in your state using any particular strategy. 


With that in mind, let us get started with Book 1 in our series, which will teach you how to find pairs to play for four days using SBIP999's new "modified root sum" method.


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Hey, we truly believe that until you can see each digit differently from every other digit, you will not be able to master the Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery games. So our books will help you master these game by "segmenting" digits and teaching you how to see each one differently, whether individually or utilizing group theory.


Listed below you will find titles currently available in the Series: